Last Wednesday the FPA attended the business briefing for funders and partners of the Glasgow Cup Movement, led by Keep Scotland Beautiful working with Simply Cups and Scot Waste. The campaign is funded by FPA members Kidd, Benders, Huhtamaki, Graphic Packaging International, Dart and Seda together with six coffee shop chains and others. The meeting was very well attended with many from Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government. The campaign will be the largest targeted litter campaign ever in Scotland and will be fully operational from 1 April with special bins and other activities to change litter behaviour.  At the meeting Neil Whittall of Huhtamaki set the scene explaining how the project will achieve greater collection and recycling of cups as a result of the funding provided by the UK cup producers and the national coffee shops. We believe FPA members have a role in making this campaign a success by speaking to their customers, particularly independents, in Glasgow and encouraging them to get on board.


Adrian Pratt of Benders took part in a panel debate with Ollie Rosevear of Costa featuring Environmental Audit Committee chairman, Mary Creagh MP.   Both held their own and did the industry proud. No mean achievement given the Chair began to express her own anti cup views. Well done Adrian. There were a number of reports of the event, read edie’s here 


Last week Martin attended a round table called by Anna McMorrin Labour MP for Cardiff, regarding her Producer Responsibility Private Members Bill.  Also attending were directors of waste management and compliance agencies as well as trade associations and NGOs. A copy of the bill, which is supported by most members of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, is here.  It calls for a single government body to replace the current open competitive compliance structure. The bill has all party support in addition to the stated supporters.  We are asked to treat it as a ‘loose tool’ and it is recognised much detail is missing. Anna McMorrin envisages a coalition of MPs from all parties and business and is encouraging the bill not be seen as a Labour Party initiative. Given much of this is likely to be covered by the forthcoming Resources and Waste Strategy we must wait for its publication before deciding on whether we should add our support or otherwise.

The strategy is being published very much later than expected and we get a sinking feeling it will be issued on Christmas Eve. 


The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee this week reviewed the Budget from an environment point of view: ‘How Green Was the Budget?’   As part of this session, a question was asked regarding paper cups and the response provides some interesting insight.

Extract from Dods: Disposable coffee cups

Alex Sobel MP asked what plans there were for a disposable coffee cup levy. In response, Robert Jenrick, Exchequer Secretary at the Treasury said that he accepted there was an issue with the use of disposable cups. He said the Government had chosen to make a wider intervention on single-use plastic packaging rather than targeting coffee cups directly, but that he did not rule out more specific action in the long-term.

Robert Jenrick also said the Resources and Waste Strategy would look at the issue of disposable coffee cups and he noted that a tax would have to have applied to all forms of cup and legally could not have been targeted on coffee cups and that it would also have had to be targeted at cold drinks as well as hot drinks.


Waste Management World – interesting article featuring Swiss policies on recycling read here Recycling Charity RECOUP did consumer insight research to understand a range of considerations for a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in the UK. It discovered that convenience is the key feature for the consumer.  Read in Waste Management World  here 

Raconteur reports that food waste should be rethought as a valuable resource which can be used to create value and combat climate change.  Read here.

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