23 July 2018

Further to the NAO report published today, Executive Director of the FPA, Martin Kersh, makes the following comment: 

“Today’s report from the National Audit Office on the packaging recycling obligations shows exactly why the Foodservice Packaging Association was correct in making a call for the reform of the UK’s Packaging Recovery Note system and why it flagged up this demand to the Environmental  Audit Committee, who called for the NAO inquiry.   We are pleased the NAO has recognised there are too many businesses who are obligated but fail to register and so are free-riders operating outside the system and not playing their part.

“The FPA’s Six Point Plan to reform the PRN system included the ending of de minimis so that all businesses placing packaging in the market must take part. The system also needs to incorporate a modulated system so that the packaging that is easier to recycle pays less as does the packaging containing more recycled content. The latter to encourage a stronger market for recycled material. The leading UK brands and retailers have signalled their support for these reforms which will provide the UK with the collection and recycling infrastructure needed to ensure more packaging is recycled and that the majority of this takes place in the UK.  In addition, we must ensure that every penny raised in the name of producer responsibility is used to improve collection, station and recycling of packaging and does not disappear into government coffers.

“The FPA has been in consultation with Defra and the Treasury and in light of the NAO report we are encouraged to step up our efforts in achieving these much needed reforms