The National Measurement and Regulation Office has announced a public consultation on the evaluation of the EU Timber Regulation (EU 995/2010). As stated on the Commission website: “The objective of this consultation is to gain stakeholder and public input regarding a review of Regulation (EU) 995/2010 (EUTR). The review will provide essential elements for the mandatory report to be submitted by the Commission by 3 December 2015 to the European Parliament and the Council. The report may be accompanied, if necessary, by appropriate legislative proposals.”

As a stakeholder we will be responding to the Consultation and would be very grateful if you could please advise details of your experiences in implementing the EUTR. We are particularly keen to learn of any inspections and indeed we ask “Has anyone been inspected for due diligence”

Prior to the launch of this regulation we held a very well attended seminar. The overwhelming view was that EUTR is a good thing. There was unanimous opposition to illegal timber trade and support for any developments that would ensure such timber is excluded from the EU so cutting off supply to a market of over 500 million people.

The consultation document is an online survey and will be available for submissions until 03.07.2015, accessed here

For further information on the consultation, please visit the European Commission website:

We look forward to receiving your comments.