EU Waste Directive reform


The FPA is a member of the Packaging Taskforce formed by DEFRA to review EU proposals to reform the Waste Framework and Packaging and Packaging Waste Directives as part of the Circular Economy initiatives.

We are opposed to any proposals that add costs and further administration to businesses. Particular concerns raised in the initial consultation document:

  • Greatly increased packaging recycling targets to 2030 (by 2025 Paper 90%, Plastics 60%, latter currently 34%)
  • The entire cost of waste management to be met entirely by producers and importers
  • A new recycling measurement calculation based on recycling and reuse rather than as current, recovery.  This will have the effect of lowering current UK recycling achievements (by excluding contaminated / discarded materials and energy recovery)
  • Businesses to cover the cost of dealing with litter and anti littering messaging
  • The introduction of new design requirements for packaging
  • An obligation to review the PRN (Packaging Recovery Note) system to which many members are obligated

The original proposals were withdrawn but the FPA has pushed for the UK packaging industry to make known its preferences particularly as the PRN system, which is how the UK meets its Producer Responsibility requirements, is due to end in 2017. We will campaign for any Producer Responsibility mechanism to continue to be market-led. We campaigned for the PRN system to be simpler to administrate and will contribute towards further discussion on future reforms.