Further to the publication today (4 August) of the Local Government Association (LGA) report that only a third of plastic used by households is able to be recycled,  Executive Director of the Foodservice Packaging Association Martin Kersh makes the following comments:

“We challenge the LGA allegation that businesses are refusing to discuss the issues surrounding plastic packaging recycling with local authorities. Over the years the FPA has regularly attended and addressed Kent County Council’s Kent Resource Partnership’s annual general meetings and other local authority conferences. Both the Kent Resource Partnership and LARAC have addressed FPA seminars. We have asked the LGA to present to our members but without success. However the offer still stands and we would greatly welcome the opportunity to discuss the difficulties and issues the LGA highlights.

“Packaging is complex and the range of materials work to ensure food and drink is fully protected and shelf life extended so reducing food waste. However there is more work to be done and in addressing this we would welcome the LGA’s input.  Our proposals on Packaging Note Recovery (PRN) reform will greatly help local authorities financially and we would welcome the LGA joining our campaign to achieve this much needed reform.  A reformed PRN system will reward the packaging that is easier to recycle and packaging with recycled content.  This will financially incentivise packaging design based on ease of recycling.

“The LGA is correct to highlight the smorgasbord of plastics but equally we are faced with a smorgasbord of different recycling policies by local authorities.  We have campaigned for consistency and PRN reform will help achieve this. There is a disconnect between local authorities, waste management companies and business and this needs to be rectified if progress is to be made. The FPA’s door is very much open to dialogue, we hope the LGA’s is equally so.”

Ends                                                                                                                    4 August 2018

Martin Kersh can be reached on 07711 142789

Media contact is Felicity Read on 07887 608353