Press Statement 26 November


 Comment for Packaging Gazette:

 Executive Director Martin Kersh comments:

“Frankly the public might find it hard to distinguish the claims made in the 3 big parties’ manifestos, while many of you with greater day to day insight might be thinking ‘haven’t we seen some of this stuff elsewhere?’ Both the Lib Dems and Labour feature environmental matters closer to the beginning of their manifestos while the Conservatives leave us waiting to page 43 before we get to their proposals on packaging.

“Binding targets, independent offices to protect the environment, majority of energy from renewables, deposits on packaging, expended producer responsibility and the ending of plastic waste exports to non OECD nations are pretty much on offer from all. The latter is certainly a policy we endorse wholeheartedly though of course to enable this to happen a huge expansion in waste collection, sorting and reprocessing is needed and no party has explicitly said they are going to make this happen. No surprise because promising such facilities in your neighbourhood isn’t exactly a vote winner unlike wind turbines in the sea which are nicely tucked out of the way.

“Action on plastics and reducing food waste is proposed but with many examples of the former reducing the latter a more holistic approach taking into account all materials is needed.

“We are promised more trees which some cynics might argue will be needed for the promised increase in house construction. In any case trees take time to grow and perhaps full effectiveness will be achieved beyond the target dates dates set for zero carbon.

To solve issues such as marine pollution then we must work with the world and stop this process of trying to outgreen other nations.

“It would be good to have a commitment from all parties that every pound raised by interventions will be spent solely on improving waste management collections and recycling as well as an on-the-go waste management infrastructure and not be used to fund other expensive promises that have been made.

“All in all the sentiments of concern for global warning are well expressed in all three manifestos. For the casual reader (are there any?) this will be suffice to say each party is green, I rather suspect the experts will change their voting intentions on the basis of what each had offered.”