FPA comments on newly announced investment fund by the UK government

FPA comments on newly announced investment fund by the UK government

FPA comments on newly announced investment fund by the UK government for sustainable plastics to be used to find ways to cut waste in the supply-chain and create new sustainable recyclable materials:  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-to-lead-global-innovation-in-sustainable-plastics-in-drive-to-net-zero

Executive Director Martin Kersh says:

“We welcome the government’s investment in cutting supply chain waste and in financially backing business funded research into creating new recyclable materials.  The use of plant based plastics as an add-in to petrochemical derived plastics capable of being recycled through conventional means is a very forward thinking strategy and is to be applauded, as is the work of Skipping Rocks which has received funding from business and is using a material, seaweed, that takes up little or no land space.

“BEIS Secretary of State, Greg Clark, makes the point that these plant derived plastics are somehow not plastics, when of course they are.  Such statements create confusion at a time when we all need to be clear that the use of plant derived plastic does not make packaging plastic free.

“For many years packaging has been made with plant derived plastics with the intention of them being composted.  Even with the current growth of sales we are making very little progress on the development of a UK-wide infrastructure to ensure the majority of compostable packaging is composted.  While encouraging more plant based polymers, should Mr Clark set aside funding to identify composting solutions?  He need not look any further than the Parliamentary Estate to witness first-hand the paucity of UK facilities.  Defra’s consistency and EPR proposal present the opportunity for UK wide composting collection and infrastructure, BEIS must back this up with funding so that not only is the UK world beating in the creation of alternative materials, it is also world beating in what we do with them afterwards.”

“The FPA also welcomes the Call for Evidence in bio based, biodegradable and compostable plastics.  As well as calling for evidence on all aspects of packaging made from these sources the Call seeks evidence on labelling which clearly is critical if investment in infrastructure is to work.”