Reducing litter


Bringing foodservice operators and foodservice packaging manufacturers and distributors together to provide a consistent message and actions to address the behaviour of those who litter.

Litter is increasingly given by EU and national governments and by Local Authorities as the reason for legislative actions impacting on packaging. By taking part in consultations, commenting on statements made by the media and participating in litter initiatives we campaign to ensure foodservice operators and packaging providers are not attributed with blame for litter while showing we are a responsible industry that wishes to participate in changing public behavior towards littering.

The FPA has taken a lead in encouraging the packaging industry to work together to identify ways of finding solutions to the litter issue. We have held a widely reported litter summit attended by foodservice operators, packaging manufacturers, local authorities, material trade associations, waste companies, recyclers and litter organisations. This is considered to be the first time such a cross section stakeholders has been drawn together. Discussions take place with Defra assess how the industry can coordinate litter activities and communication.

The FPA gave oral evidence to the Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Inquiry in to Litter. As a consequence a proposal to impose levies on foodservice operators to pay for litter were dropped.

The following recommendations were made to the Inquiry:

  • Bring stakeholders together to agree a common message and course of action
  • Government to be a catalyst for action
  • Campaigners to work more closely together
  • Encourage greater enforcement fixed penalty notices for dropping litter using proceeds to increase the number of enforcement officers
  • Introduce consistent on pack messages to remind consumers to dispose of used packaging responsibly
  • Review design of litter bins and encourage greater recycling-on-the go
  • Include litter in school’s citizenship curriculum
  • No specifiying of materials by government as this simply replaces one type of litter with another