Letter to the Editor

The Times

21 April 2020


Plastic Law Delay letter

It is completely disingenuous of the signatories of the Plastic Law Delay letter (April 21) to suggest that the plastics industry is using ‘anxiety about COVID-19’ to promote their business agenda.  Those involved in producing plastic food packaging are working flat out to meet the requirements demanded by healthcare purchasing including responding to specific requests from the care sector to convert their manufacturing processes to enable the production of PPE items which they have done at breakneck speed.  It is worth noting these PPE items are made from the very plastics that will be taxed.

Many environment managers are now furloughed because of the devastating losses to business from the closure of the hospitality and out of home sectors.  Furloughed employees are not allowed to respond to the current plastic tax consultation on behalf of their employers given its current timetable.

The simple fact is that single use items produced to strict food contact and hygiene regulations are deemed by healthcare purchasing to be the most hygienic and safe way to feed vulnerable patients in hospital or in care.

The industry is not lobbying for bans or legislation to be overturned, simply asking for a delay to the consultations to such a time that people are able to return to work.  This is not to oppose but to ensure the final legislation works in the way that will achieve the aims of the tax efficiently and effectively.


Martin Kersh

Executive Director

Foodservice Packaging Association