Europe’s newest kraft paper producer!
In November 2013 the first paper was produced by Europe’s largest and most modern kraft paper machine. Now on target for over 80.000 tons of kraft paper production per year!

Starkraft is the “contact” for bleached kraft paper
We aim to be the biggest high-quality kraft paper producer in Central Europe, with close proximity to our customers, guaranteeing prime quality, just in time delivery, and first class global, technical and environmental standards. From STARKRAFT paper products such as BAGS, SHOPPER, GIFT WRAP or solutions such as flexible packaging paper for the food or pharmaceutical industry are subsequently produced.

Strength and flexibility- like the Flying Rhino!
It is no coincidence that the Flying Rhino was chosen as a symbol for Starkraft- as it represents strength and flexibility. “Strong and flexible is exactly the way that we want to be seen, when it comes to finding products and solutions for our customers. The years of experience found within our international team paired with the most up to date technology found within our paper machine, makes it possible to act upon and respond to our customers’ specific requirements.