A British company with a proud history of more than 75 years of UK manufacturing, Colpac has gained an international reputation for the creative development of paperboard and combination packaging for the foodservice and retail trades as well as the specification of an exclusive range of food packaging machinery.

Now delivering to over 50 countries world-wide, Colpac constantly seeks to innovate and serve new markets. With exceptional know-how and expertise in food packaging under one roof, the company has the flexibility to respond quickly to individual market requirements and provide a personalised service with creative solutions.

Colpac is consolidating its leadership position in innovative combination packaging with the launch of Combione®, a new cutting-edge concept with two materials fused into one singe pack. Combione®, due its original construction, size, automation possibilities, easy handling and efficient labelling facilities is suitable for a cross-section of sectors from foodservice and catering to retail and the food manufacturing supply chain. It complements Colpac’s already extensive range of combination packaging which includes market leader Fuzione®, the packaging of choice for the foodservice and convenience markets; Vizione®, designed for the bakery sector; the range of Multi-food Pots with Lids for hot or cold food; ‘Gourmet 24/7’ Platter, ideal for business lunches, special catering occasions and select parties; and C-vis™ Microwaveable Tray and Lid providing up to 6 days shelf-life depending on food content and perfect for ready-made meals.

As well as keeping its signature same-day range Café Collection of quality café, delicatessen and bakery packaging up-to-date with new line extensions, Colpac creates products to meet the niche demands of the foodservice industry, such as Savori™, a range designed specifically for hot food to be consumed the same day.

Following years of research and development, another innovative offering is ColMAP™, gas flushable laminate paperboard packaging for food that looks better for longer. The ColMAP™ paperboard sandwich packs and trays are supplied alongside a specifically designed range of machinery for both entry and big volume producers. This ground-breaking development is of particular interest to export markets with hot climates that require better food preservation and longer shelf-life.

Colpac is committed to supplying products which are manufactured and sourced in an ethical, fair and environmentally responsible manner and has launched the Zest™ range made of fully compostable materials that have received the EN 13432 certification.

Colpac is also very conscious of its responsibility and reputation for maintaining exemplary business practices with and by its staff, with its local community and its worldwide network of customers and suppliers and adheres to the highest of standards in terms of legislation, employment, bribery & corruption, Health & Safety and the environment.