Harrison Wipes are the UK’s leading converters and suppliers of hygiene colour-coded cloths and wipes to the food service and catering industry. Ensuring we supply food safe products is fundamental, which is why many of our cloths are Food Contact Clearance (FCC) approved, allowing the cloths to be used in both food and non-food environments.

Our comprehensive product range offers premium brand Sontara®, Chicopee™ and own brand Stronghold®, covering all aspects of food service hygiene and wiping.

We understand cross-contamination control is essential in all food service environments. Our colour-coded products are available in different colours, textures and thicknesses enabling a segregated cleaning solution; effectively reducing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria between surfaces and areas.

We consistently provide innovative products designed especially for current and upcoming industry trends within the food service sector. The latest inspirations include Chicopee Coffee Towel, DuraDry non-woven microfibre and compostable J-Cloth 3000.